• Basic Skincare Tips

    Basic Skincare Tips
    Okay! So we all have flaws that we totally hate and want to get rid of when it comes to our skin!  Lets be honest, applying makeup daily doesn’t help out with this at all😭 So here are a few tips on keeping and maintaining  flawless skin 💖 STEP 1: CLEANSING Find a good cleanser that your skin responds well to and stick with...
  • YAS Launch Party

    YAS Launch Party
    YAS! Finally YAS Cosmetics has arrived and have brought some pretty cool beauty products along with them! On 2.7.19 at Midnight lounge in Orlando Fl. Vana Black a young millennial launches a full cosmetics line of products to include a Beauty Box with all the works! “ I understand that some women don’t know where to begin when shopping for beauty products” said Vana....
  • Find your undertone and match your foundation

    Find your undertone and match your foundation
    Having a hard time matching your foundation to your skin tone? Please read our latest blog and leave us a comment.
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